What Happens in a 48 Hour Silent Retreat?

What happens in a 48 hour silent retreat? I have been practicing mindful meditation for more than 10 years. Initially it was a tool to help me sleep better. Then to help with chronic pain. My practice was irregular and on an “as needed” basis. It was seven years before I realized how much it […]

Anxiety Does Not HAVE To Be Your Default

I am not the same person I was when I was 20 or 30 or even when I was 60. None of us are. Our life experiences have been changing us every day. These changes are often barely noticeable from yesterday to today but more noticeable over time. Change is inevitable.

Tame Those Voices in Your Head

When you believe those negative thoughts and inner voices, you identify with them. You become certain that: 
• I cannot write. 
• I am meant to be fat. 
• I am not qualified for the promotion. 
• I do not deserve to be loved.

Ageless Beauty and Confidence

When I opened the New York times last week and discovered this photo, I was stunned!  82 year old Dame Judi Dench, sans make-up and Photoshop. She looks every bit of her 82 years.  Beautiful. Regal. Confident.  I have been looking at the photo all week. I do not have the confidence to publish unretouched […]