If Only …Then My Life Would Be Perfect.

How often are you thinking if only I had:

  • more money.
  • a more understanding partner.
  • ONE designer outfit for job interviews.
  • more time for myself.
  • a new house.
  • different friends.
  • more energy.
  • a handsome partner.
  • a flat stomach.
  • more blog followers.
  • a long vacation.
  • better _______ skills.
  • more time with my grandchildren.

The list is endless.
We keep looking for that greener grass “over there” or the pot of gold” at the end of the rainbow”.

And when your DO get “it”…

  • How long are you satisfied when you do reach one of those greener pastures?  Not very long.
  • How often have you turned around to look behind you – at what you have accomplished?
  • How often do you look at where you are NOW?

My guess is that it is not very often. We are so focused on what could be or should be that we don’t appreciate what is.

I use to think it was a lot of claptrap when folks talked about “counting their blessings”. I am not a religious person and counting blessings did not resonate with me at all. 

Like many before me, as I’ve aged, I have taken the time to really looking INTO myself. I have tried to understand the biology of my being. I am fascinated with how my brain works. And I am beginning to really understand the mind/body connection. It is SO POWERFUL!

Today I am getting acquainted with the core me. Like your core muscles need to be strong to keep your body powerful and balanced, your core mind/body connection needs to be strong to give you the strength to deal with life changes and the flexibility to adapt.

I am HERE.

Appreciating what you have and where you are in the NOW is critical to building that core mind/body connection. 

If I spend too much time thinking about the greener grass “over there”, my mind and body become SO out of sync. I am not “over there”. I am HERE. 

Every day I work at living in my NOW. I make myself stop several times to listen to my internal chatter. Am I feeling ancy or discombobulated? Why am I frustrated? Am I enjoying what I’m doing? Am I even thinking about what I am doing?

So I stop. Focus on some deep breathing. Look around and start listing all of the things that are right in my life. Yes, I REALLY do this! It takes less than a minute.

I am thankful for:

  • a beautiful home.
  • very loving friends.
  • a relationship with my daughter that grows stronger each year.
  • two new knees that don’t hurt.
  • a very curious mind that keeps learning.
  • a restless spirit that keeps searching.
  • a four legged friend that makes me laugh every day.
  • the time to reflect on my life.
  • the ability to look forward to the future.

I still dream.

Oh, there are many things I would like to have or change. I am not an aesthetic. But I try to put “wants” into perspective. Rarely are any of them are “needs”.

  • Yes, I would like to spend a month in the South Seas and take a long photo safari in Africa. Not in the budget this year but a trip to visit my daughter in Utah is in the budget.
  • Yes, I would like to have a flat stomach and more energy. My 21 year old body is long gone, but maybe I can keep this one going for a few more years if I take the stairs instead of the elevator.
  • Yes, designer clothes would be be a grand luxury, but I am learning new knitting techniques to make myself a fabulous sweater. And maybe I’ll bring out the sewing machine.

My greatest realization about myself is that in the core of my being, I am a flexible person. I do adapt to the ebb and flow of my life. And that is what makes the grass around me very green…and full of flowers.

Is your grass green?

2 thoughts on “If Only …Then My Life Would Be Perfect.

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    Barbara Annear

    Yes, my grass is green and I’m so “THANKFUL”!!! My LIFE today is “JOYFUL, COMFORTING, WARM AND FUZZY, SAFE AND PLEASURES that make me THANKFUL FOR MY GIFTS IN LIVING”!! In many ways I’m in the driver’s seat of my GREEN GRASS. I’ve been single for 26 1/2 yrs after a 25 yr marriage plus 3 yrs of dating w/my husband. Did enjoy some special relationships after my divorce BUT NOT that special one….came close BUT NO!!! That is okay….my MoM died when I was 19 and she was only 53! She never got to see my younger brother graduate from high school/college, or see him get married, meet my 2 sons, or meet my 2 grand-daughters. I on the other hand got to see my 2 sons graduate, get married and have gotten to meet my 2 grand-daughters!! In MY LIFE TODAY….I choose GREEN GRASS and try to ALWAYS take time for ME, even for the little things ….and appreciate my BLESSINGS!! Sure things could be better and sure I wish for things BUT I’m THANKFUL for my BLESSINGS and don’t take the BLESSINGS I have for granted. Things could ALWAYS be worse…. we have to choose GREEN GRASS and nurture our GREEN GRASS!! Oh yaaaa….a trip to see the ocean is always PERFECT!!!

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      Your infectious smile reflects your beautiful attitude towards life, Barbara. Your NOW is lush and green.

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