Do You Need to Reboot Your Morning Routine?

It is time to change my morning routine. 

The morning routine that has served me well for many months has become an anchor rather than my ballast. ( It probably has to do with the change of seasons. Though I have always loved fall, the cooler days and beauty of changing trees, it is much too cool for me to enjoy my morning coffee on the deck.

  1.  It is still quite dark at 6am. That will change this weekend with the end of daylight savings, but the birds are not around to sing and it’s pretty chilly and damp to be sitting out that early.
  2.  My Sudoku puzzles have lost their challenge and charm. I find my mind wandering and I make silly mistakes.
  3.  I am not writing! My mind is meandering but not focusing.

I’ve spent the last couple of months feeling discombobulated and with limited productivity coming only in bits and bursts. The notes for my new book are organized, but my only writing has been my journal or letters to the editor about a local political issue.

I’ve been putzing around with baking and knitting – hobbies that I have not picked up in many years. 

I have kept busy but feeling at loose ends.

So I have rebooted my mornings.

When my computer gets sluggish, I run a cleaning utility app and reboot. So I decided that I need to do the same for my internal computer.

Meditation is my brain’s cleaning utility app. Though I meditate several times during the day for short periods, I decided to jump start my day with a longer period of meditation (30 minutes) before I even finish my first cup of coffee. This is the time for clearing my head and allowing the buzz of thoughts that fly through my dreams to coalesce into action or just fade away. 

Having a morning routine grounds me for the day. But I do not have to be chained to a particular routine for the rest of my life. When traveling, I create new routines. There is no reason not to have a new routine for a new season.

Fall of 2017 Morning Routine.

Tend to Shiloh.

Seasonal Changes.

As the days get shorter, I know that I need to really soak up the sunshine when I can get it, and that is not often enough in New England. The desktop “happy light” is in place. I have rearranged furniture so that I have cozy landing spots in front of sunny windows in the morning and in the afternoon. IF it is especially warm, I can go to the deck in the afternoon. 

I need regular doses of fresh air and the scent of pine. I avoided my favorite walking trail all summer after news that a couple bears chased a runner. I let fear keep me away, even though we’ve walked there for years without incident. This week Shiloh and I hit the trail, and we will continue to walk it during the winter.

So the new routine is tweaked and working. The sun is shining, and it is time for us to get outside.

How is YOUR morning routine working? 

4 thoughts on “Do You Need to Reboot Your Morning Routine?

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    Mary LaFontaine

    Thank you. I have a routine that seems set in stone. Dogs and work can do that. You’ve challenged me to change it up a bit.

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      Change can be energizing!

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    Nannette Van Dyke-McDonald

    Thank you for today’s post! I changed my morning routine this morning before even thinking about it! I always get up make my tea and return to bed to read morning prayers and see what I sew in my email. My husband whom is an earlier riser is already sitting at the dining room table , computer in front of him..doing whatever it is he does. Today, I brought my tea in the living room, sat next to my dog and read my prayers…Seeing that it is a good Fall morning, I took my tea to the deck. I am enjoying some small bird chatter and looking at the beautiful color of leaves in my hollow. It is calm, quiet and the dawn of a new day and a new routine to be ironed out! Thank you for getting me out of bed . Please continue your thoughtful posts. As a retired professional, I sometimes wonder what happened to that person. Time for a change!

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      Nannette, you brought such joy to my morning! I so appreciate learning that I am connecting with others. And you have kindled an idea for a future post…aging and connecting to our former professional selves. Great food for thought.
      Thank you!

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