What is Your Three Word Happy Story?

Write a Happy Story…in three  words.

This is a writing prompt that I came across recently. My first reaction:  EASY PEASY!

Then I tried and it wasn’t so easy. Why? Because I felt a need to explain and qualify everything that I wrote. I needed more verbs, more adjectives, more sentences. Three words were not enough! Or were they?

That got me to thinking about how often we use too many words. Talk too much. Repeat ourselves. Give more information than necessary.

Meetings. You know the ones where everyone has to say their piece, even if 10 other people have said the precisely the same thing. The meetings go on and on and on.

Speeches. I’ll  pick on politicians who feel a need to tell endless stories or drag out a stump speech that should be confined to 10 minutes – 15 at the most, but go on for 45 minutes to an hour.

Books. I love historical novels and lately  have been rereading James Michener. 30 years ago I skimmed the early chapters of many of his books where he detailed the geologic formation of the earth and seas, evolution of animals and humans, migration of plants, etc. I was interested in getting into the STORY.

As someone who has a tendency to cut to the chase, writing a 3 word story should not be so difficult. As a person focusing on living in the moment, writing a 3 word HAPPY story should be very rewarding.

So here goes:

  • I am enough!
  • We are one.
  • It IS possible!
  • She found peace.
  • They came together.
  • He found acceptance.
  • Friendship nurtured love.
  • Books opened minds.
  • Finally, they kissed!
  • Spring has sprung!
  • Unlimited dreams encouraged.
  • Endings are beginnings.

Writing happy stories is a VERY good attitude adjustment for challenging days.
What is YOUR three word story?

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    Feeling gratefully happy!

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    Bob Smith

    Bavarian Motor Works

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