Who Wins at the Game of Life?

Who Wins at the Game of Life?

I saw this question on another blog site. Admittedly, I had not looked at Life as a game to win or lose. I’ve always thought of life as a journey. Many forks in the road. Some pretty steep mountains to climb. The occasional tsunami. Meadows of peaceful contemplation. You get the picture. 

But thinking about the Game Perspective, I see that there must be a strategy to win, just as there are strategies to win Scrabble or Monopoly. (I’ve never played the board game Life, so I’m really winging it here.)

This is my personal Guide to Winning the Game of Life.

The over arching strategy is to have an insatiable hunger for learning. 

The Life Long Learners who have never lost (or have rediscovered) their inner child have the best chance of winning. These are the people who continually question Why? How?

The world is full of wonder and pain. It is easy to allow yourself to become mired in depression about what was or the world beyond your control. (I have been there on many occasions.) But to embrace what is and to explore how and why is so invigorating!

These are my Key Strategies to Winning The Game of Life.

  • READ! READ! READ! Books and Blogs are the Advance 10 Spaces game cards. They fertilize my brain and stimulate my creativity. Newspapers do not usually move me ahead. Newspapers can inform me about connections (last bullet point), but they are rarely written to stimulate introspection… the OpEd page may be the exception.
  • WRITE. I am a firm believer in journaling as the route to self-discovery and clarity. Writing is my way of processing my past, new learnings/observations and continually adjusting my path and my thinking. I DO change my mind. And I add caveats to some opinions. My journals are a safe place for me to sound off and argue with myself.
  • CONNECT. That intersection of reading and journaling is people. Interaction with people of all ages is build value in my life. BUT this is not indiscriminate connections. I have needed to sort out the people who suck the life out of me. Some are negative people. Some are needy people. Some are people whose thinking is so far from mine that they always give me a headache.Connecting is the really tricky part of the game. The wrong people will try to pull me into activities that do not add to the quality of life I want. The wrong connections can keep me stuck in one place for a long time or even send me backwards. However, Connecting is the place to pick up the Bonus Points for sharing and doing.

In my heart, I believe that you will WIN at The Game of Life when you have connected, participated and added value to the lives of others.

This strategy seems to be working for ME. You may have a different strategy. What is working for you?

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