Can you answer this question?


What is the most SOUL SATISFYING thing that you have ever done?

I came across this question in some reading I was doing yesterday. I’m still mulling it over…not sure if the first answer that came to me is the MOST soul satisfying thing.

What about you?

2 thoughts on “Can you answer this question?

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    Finding “home” is vital to each of us. Finding that home in your church is not cliché; it is meaningful.

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    So cliche but here goes:
    Embracing my faith and accepting the Roman Catholic Church as home. It’s not perfect – I honestly don’t believe any man-made religious practices are, frankly – but it’s mine, it’s where I feel welcome and secure, it’s home.
    Remembering that from time to time are the times when my soul feels full.
    When this happens everything else just falls into place.

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