Are You on Track with your Goals for 2017?

Are you still focused on your New Year’s goals and resolutions? It IS Day 6 of 2017.

  • Are you still looking forward to going to the gym first thing in the morning?
  • Have you cleared all of the processed food out of your cabinets? (Did you eat the cookies or throw them away? I ate them.)
  • Have you packed a healthy lunch every day this week or did you grab a slice of pizza yesterday?
  • Did you start War and Peace, or some other great tome?
  • How have you started organizing all of those photos?

Setting goals and making resolutions each January is easy. Starting on them isn’t too difficult. But the follow through is a bumpy road. Some people do it! 

I have a friend who committed to losing a substantial amount of weigh in 2016 and she stuck with it to shed 60 pounds! I greatly admire her determination. She had good weeks and bad weeks but she stuck it out. I am confident that she will maintain her new weight with the same determination.

I wrote about my goals in my last blog post. I am pleased with my accomplishments of 2016 and pretty sure that I will be equally successful in 2017. I created goals that mean something to ME. They are not to make someone else happy or to impress anyone. They are to support the person I am becoming in my crone years. They are goals for the YEAR.

I have 259 days left to accomplish them. I AM on track.

2 thoughts on “Are You on Track with your Goals for 2017?

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    Mary Kozicki LaFontaine

    I have yet to write mine down…I’m a late starter. Maybe this weekend….it’s the first “normal” weekend for me since mid December. 🙂

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      Writing our goals down is such an important step. It makes them more real and I really believe that there is a physical connection between writing and what truly connects with our brain. (Wish I’d made THAT connection when I was a teenager in school.)

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