Bucket List Adventure: 30 Days and Counting Down.

One month from today, I will arrive in Valencia, Spain for a Bucket List Adventure – learning a new language and experiencing a new culture ON MY OWN.

Thinking about it is exhilarating and nerve wracking.

I have done a fair bit of traveling on my own but never solo travel in a country that is not English speaking. After reading Eat, Pray, Love and Tales of a Female Nomad, I started dreaming of the adventure of living in a foreign country. Not sure that I am ready for Bali or India or even Costa Rica, I thought a month in Spain would be a good first step.

Enrolling in a language school is like going away to university…50 years after the first attempt.

I lasted only one semester at the University of Missouri. Homesick and lonely, I quickly returned to my safe place and completed my education while living with my family. It is a decision that I have always regretted. This trip is only 1 month, but I have great expectations for future longer adventures.

I TRULY want to learn Spanish. For years I have been ashamed of the fact that I cannot speak another language. Like many, I fulfilled my foreign language requirements in high school and at university without ever learning to carry on a conversation in any of the languages that I studied. That WILL NOT be the case this time. I will be in an immersion program and very determined to come out with an ability to at least get myself around the country without resorting to English.

I booked and paid for this trip 6 months ago so that I would not be able to change my mind. I know myself very well. As uncomfortable as I get during a Maine winter, it is a known situation that I have managed for more than 40 years. I have a routine and friends and Shiloh! Dreaming of adventure is easier than experiencing adventure.

And as long as I keep doing the same thing, I will live the same life. 

Don’t get me wrong: I have a very good life! But I want something MORE…something DIFFERENT. So I am building my own adventure leaving with only the outline of a plan. 

  • 2 weeks in Valencia. 
  • 1 week in Seville. 
  • 1 week in Barcelona. 
  • Language classes 5 mornings a week in each city. 
  • The rest is up for grabs!

30 days and counting down.

The doubts are fading rapidly and I am eager to begin!

I will be blogging several times a week. (I would like to say daily but won’t tie myself to that.) So PLEASE subscribe to the blog and join my Bucket List Adventure!

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    WOW, I am on my Bucket List Tour. My name is D. Yvonne Rivers http://www.phoebemarketing.com

    I am now in Johannesburg, South Africa from Washington, DC.

    I turn 65 in 2 weeks and I return to my very own High Tea Birthday Party at The Willard Hotel after 2 weeks in South Africa.

    This year started with me determined to start checking off adventures that I have always wanted to take and do the things I have always wanted to do.

    I am a self-employed business consultant and coach and I can work from wherever I may reside at that time.

    I have always wanted a global business and I have developed connections in Johannesburg, Cape Town and London.

    I travel to London in 2017.

    Allow me to share my 2016 journey.
    In August, I traveled to Las Vegas, had crossed that off list a few years earlier.Las Vegas, I traveled on a one-day tour of the Grand Canyon, it was just like in my dreams for many years.

    I connected with a girlfriend in Sacramento, California and we drove to San Francisco for the weekend and checked off the Golden Gate Bride, Fisherman’s Wharf and to ride a cable car.

    We ate in Chinatown, took a tour of the city, drove down Lombard Street, the crookiest street in the world, traveled though Haight Ashberry and took pictures at Twin Peaks and had a time of our lives.

    I traveled to Johannesburg 5 days ago. I made a great connection on plane with a woman from Malawi who travels to DC for conferences at The World Bank.
    I am staying in an Airbnb in Maboneng district of Johannesburg, with a kitchenette, a gorgeous balcony overlooking the city. I have been posting on Facebook with phrase of the day, video sof my travelof that day at facebook.com/yvonne.rivers.7549.

    I have traveled on the Red Bus double decker tor through Johannesburg, walked around the Maboneng district to African design Museum.
    Tomorrow, I will visit the Market on Main with fresh produce and crafts.I will also visit the Cosmopolitan hotel restored with a courtyard.
    As I travel and do some work,I am so blessed to be alive and well and right now, living in South Africa.

    My Bucket List Tour continues

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      Yeah! Ms. Rivers!!! You are doing it all! That is what so many of us dream.
      What is your Facebook Page? I would love to follow you!

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        I’m posting photos and videos.
        Thanks for asking

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    FABULOUS! I envy your freedom to embark on living the life of your dream of travel. I can appreciate the unceasing call of that wanderlust! (I arrived from Italy as a 2 1/2 year old with my mother and 2 older siblings to live the American Dream life empowered by my father’s entrepreneurial spirit). I wish you much happiness in your bucket list adventure…Namaste’

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      Thank you, Filomena.

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    Joan Fribis Baker

    I’m so happy for you to head out on this adventure. It sounds wonderful! I bet you will pick up the Spanish quickly, and you will make new friends to share the experience. When you first wrote about this, I thought the Spain option sounded like an amazing opportunity, and now the time is almost here. Have a wonderful time!

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      Thank you, Joan. It will certainly be an adventure!

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    Dana Winslow


    I am very envious of your trip and your adventure to Barcelona. Helen and I spent a wonderful week there at the very beginning of 2009 and fell in love with the city. Gaudi is everywhere and his creativity and spirit in habit the city, and showed us a truly new vision of the world. Neither of us has ever experienced the light and atmosphere we found inside the Sagrada Familia. Please plan to spend multiple days there–photographs cannot do it justice. The Ramblas is another highlight for all the senses. And chocolate and churrros…wow, I need to get back there. One potential watch-out–the language in Barcelona is really not Spanish but rather Catalan, and they get pretty sensitive about the issue, so just be prepared to stumble a bit more than usual.

    One final tip–Helen and I discovered a website called toursbylocals.com where you can find and hire local guides that will take you around virtually any city. We had a great experience with a guide in Budapest. You might want to look at it for Barcelona and find someone that can help you out for a half day, just to get you started.

    Have a wonderful trip and let me know all about it when you return.

    Dana Winslow

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      Dana, so good to hear from you! My daughter lived in Barcelona for a bit and warned me that Catalan is different from what I will be learning.
      Thank you for the website tip. I will check it out.
      My best to Helen. I hope you are continuing your travels through out the world!

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