Thank You, Donald Trump

This has been THE MOST painful election cycle for me and most of the country. I need not rehash all of the vitriol and meanness. But I had a personal “ah ha” a couple of months ago.

As I listened to Donald Trump one day, I thought, OMG! That’s what I sound like!

Why doesn’t someone shoot him?
We don’t need THAT kind of person here!

I was appalled! I am not a mean, self-centered, egomaniac, but I had been uttering some of the same types of comments as Donald Trump! Admittedly, I was careful that my outbursts were in the company of friends, but I want them to stay friends!

My mother would have washed my mouth out with soap (scraping a great deal of soap across my bottom teeth). I passed on that routine. I did resolve to THINK before I TALK.

I will not to try to make myself look bigger by belittling another person. Life doesn’t work that way.

So I publicly thank you, Donald Trump, for awakening that thoughtless part of me. I hope to be a better person.

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