The Bounties of Autumn

Autumn is beckoning in New England. The humidity is gone. Mornings are brisk. The days are delightful and sunny. Summer colors still prevail. It is my favorite time of year.

I have more energy in September, October and November than in any other months. I am up early (5am the past couple of mornings) full of good intentions. AND I tend to follow through on those intentions! The afternoon humidity of summer doesn’t weigh me down. Like an old Timex watch, I just keep on ticking.

I’ve often wondered why I feel such a surge of creativity and energy in the fall and have concluded that it is the eternal student in me. As a child, I was always eager to return to school in September (Yes, in the olden days in the midwest, school did not open until after Labor Day.) New teachers. Old friends. New possibilities. The new school years was filled with hope and dreams, and most of those expectations were met. I have always enjoyed learning, and that was what school and autumn was all about.

This carried through my college years. I even had the same feelings when my children approached a new school year. I went to grad school when my youngest was 5. Did it seem different? No. September was my time for renewal.


Don’t get me wrong. I really look forward to spring…especially the last 44 years of living in Maine. Spring is the light at the end of a long, cold winter in this neck of the woods. As the weather warms and daylight lingers, I do have a surge of energy and spend as much time outdoors as possible. Spring is the time I need to get my hands into the earth and smell green and rain and dirt. Oh, I crave spring from mid February until May.


I find so much peace in summer evenings and afternoons along the coast or banks of a Maine lake. Summer is a time of contemplation. Lazy. Hazy. Slow. Warm. I enjoy car trips in the summer. This year there were several trips across Maine and New Hampshire into Vermont. Each trip filled my heart with the beauty of New England. I just can never get enough of nature in the summer. Coast or mountains or local lakes or my own city – all are a true breath of fresh air.


Buried in all of this is our winter. As a young woman, I could not understand why people left Maine in the winter. In those days, I was a skier. My kids were very involved in school activities and weekends were generally on a mountain. Outdoor activity in the winter was invigorating – even shoveling snow! Hunkering down during a snow storm with a crackling fire and good book was a perfect winter day.

But now my arthritis and new knees keep me inside more. Icy sidewalks make me reluctant to venture outside as much as in the past. Hunkering down in front of the fire loses some of its romantic glow after a couple of months, and by mid January, I start counting the days until the birds return.

Four Seasons

In reality, I love living in a place that has such very distinctive seasons. I thrive on change! And the change of seasons is something that I do not have to work at. Mother Nature takes care of everything. I just allow my inner ebb and flow to match the weather.

The energy of autumn is  probably fueled by the anticipation of being housebound in the winter. But this I know for sure, I am stocking up on the bounty of the fall harvest. The crock pot is ready for savory soups. The windows will finally get washed. And I am taking advantage of all of this autumn energy to fire up some new creative ventures and adventures. The next two months will be wonderfully productive! I hope they are for you, too.

4 thoughts on “The Bounties of Autumn

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    My problem is my mental energy and physical energy don’t always work well together. My mind goes on high speed but my body tends to lag behind a bit.

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      The mind is the most important font of energy. Be patient with your body, it will catch up

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    I echo your sentiments. Thanks for sharing!
    Energy flows where intentions are focused!
    The Lake air where I live is exuberating! A day at the lake restores the soul!
    I await your visit Tammie!

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