Meandering Memories

My daughter was married this weekend in Waitsfield, VT.

Mother Nature blessed the couple with idyllic weather for outdoor activities, as well as a magical lightening show for the Friday evening picnic, and a dramatic wind and rain storm that blew through an hour before the ceremony. The weather certainly highlighted beautiful memories in the making.

It was a joyful weekend of laughter, fun, and memories. Sunday evening, after all had traveled to their respective homes, Bride and Groom were still laughing and crying and dreaming of a 1 year anniversary party with all of the same people.

The small group of guests were those closest to the bride and groom. The family and unconditional friends who had raised them, nurtured them, and as one guest so aptly put it, people you know you can call when you’re in jail.

It was an emotional weekend of memories for a mother.

Thinking back on 39 years with this remarkable young woman in my life.

  • The 8 pound squalling newborn that the nurse placed in my arms, while I wondered how we would ever make it together.
  • The headstrong 4 year old who insisted on the blue plaid frilly skirt, yellow t-shirt, pink knee sox and sneakers for her first day of preschool. (She has developed a much more sophisticated sense of style but did request guests wear bright colors to her wedding.)
  • The sullen teenager who did not want to go abroad for a summer program, so in defiance selected a program in Thailand because it was as far away from me as she could get. (This is the trip that set the direction for the nomadic life of her 20’s.)
  • This same teen created a journal for the two of us to write to each other when emotions would not let us talk face to face. I would find that journal under my pillow many times over the following years. It was the bridge to our relationship as adults.

She has tackled her fears and her dreams.

Fiercely independent. Sometimes a bit opinionated. Always open to adventure. The past 20 years have held many disappointments, frustrations, tears and anger. She has weathered them and learned from them and grown, while maintaining that core of independence, need of adventure and sense of fun!

She has found the man who is her intellectual equal, partner in fun and who loves her so dearly. Their relationship (and they have worked hard at it over the past 6+ years) is based on respect, patience and communication. It is a solid foundation for friendship and love. It is a work in progress that will only grow stronger with time.

As much as I would like to wish them a life of happily ever after, I know that there is no such thing. But I also know that these are two people who are better equipped than most to weather the storms and create their own happy memories.



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