National Black Cow Day!

June 10

Celebrate the perfect summer drink created in 1893 by Frank Wisner, owner of the Cripple Creek Cow Mountain Gold Mining Compay in Cripple Creek Colorado.

Legend has it that Frank was staring out the window and thinking about the line of soda waters that was being produced for the citizens of Cripple Creek. The full moon that night that was shining on the snow-capped Cow Mountain reminded him of a scoop of vanilla ice cream.  He hurried back to his bar and added a spoonful of the creamy vanilla goodness to the children’s favorite flavor of soda, Myers Avenue Red Root Beer.  When he tasted it, he knew he had a hit.

There are many versions of this sweet drink.

  • Root Beer, vanilla ice cream and chocolate syrup
  • Not Your Father’s Root Beer and vanilla ice cream
  • Brown Cow made with chocolate ice cream and cola rather than root beer (I would go for chocolate ice cream and root beer)
  • My Favorite is root beer vodka, chocolate liqueur and vanilla ice cream

However you make it, celebrate National Black Cow Day!!


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