a feeling of expectation and desire for a certain thing to happen.

aspiration, desire, wish, expectation, ambition, aim, goal, plan, design; dream, daydream, pipe dream

I live on hope. Hope is my sustenance. Hope is my spring rain.

Sometimes hope on a global scale is difficult to find, especially when looking through mainstream news. But in the past week two stories reached me (through FaceBook) that really fueled my hope for the future of our country. They are stories of two young men. I doubt that they know each other, but I imagine that should they ever connect, they will be a dynamic force in our society.

Donovan Livingston gave the student convocation speech for the Harvard Graduate School of Education. (He also holds a Masters in Higher and Postsecondary Education from Columbia University.) I found a few video interviews and another spoken word performance by Donovan. Talk about high energy! 

Listen…more than once. 

Phillip Sossou is graduating from Boston Latin – much younger than Donovan. He appears to be more low key but equally powerful in a different medium. He did not give a speech; he drew 411 charcoal portraits – each student in his high school class. Then he came to school very early one morning to hang each portrait before his classmates arrived.

“I was trying to show everyone in a positive light. Our class has been kind of divided. Having these pictures helps us to embrace our diversity.”


An educator and an artist.

  • Each of these young men has chosen a career path that will influence future generations. 
  • Each is a role model.
  • Each has demonstrated true leadership among his peers. 
  • Each is a force to be reckoned with.

Donovan and Phillip give me GREAT hope for the future!

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    Risa Graves

    How fabulous that you are sharing these two men’s achievements. Thank you for bringing awareness to their stories.

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