Dreams of Life as a Digital Nomad

I am in a sharing mood this week. Today it is a video.

I am a guest writer on Sixty and Me, a website targeting, wait for it…women over 60! This is the baby of Margaret Manning, an adventurous, curious woman. We have only met digitally, but I look forward to the day that we are on the same continent and can meet face to face.

Margaret has begun a new adventure in Bali! The video is her introduction to her life as a Digital Nomad. This is a lifestyle I aspire to.

Three years ago my daughter invited me to accompany her to the World Domination Summit in Portland, Oregon. We were surrounded by 30 somethings who were living the digital nomad life. Place was not an anchor in their work. Through the magic of the internet and cloud storage, they could work from almost anyplace. It was inspiring and intimidating.

They were YOUNG! My 60’s are slipping away.

In recent years, I have been doing some exploratory travels and am becoming more and more comfortable with solo adventures. My big plunge will be an extended solo stay in Costa Rica next winter. (details will follow as they come together)

Fortunately, I’m a geek who LOVES technology! I’m fully equipped with extended battery packs for phone, iPad and cameras, and I work almost exclusively from the Cloud. I had NOT thought of utilizing the co-working spaces while traveling as Margaret talks about in her video. That opens all sorts of possibilities!

My biggest obstacle to life as a digital nomad is my beloved standard poodle, Shiloh. I have friends who adore and care for her when I travel, but my heart won’t allow me to leave her too long.

So I will live vicariously through Margaret’s adventure for now and continue to plan for my future.

I hope you enjoy her story.


3 thoughts on “Dreams of Life as a Digital Nomad

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    My hubby and I are now, finally, both retired and are so grateful that all our “penny pinching” years have allowed us to travel. We have a pooch and a kitty that we leave in the care of friends as well. What helps me the most? Watching video of them as we travel around this incredible world. We have been on three separate two month jaunts, and have two more already booked. We love to explore on our own (“tour” is a four letter word in our household). My thought is to not wait too long before you venture out. Life just moves way too quickly, and there is SO much living to do!

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      Oh, Risa, I DO travel. But 2 weeks has been my limit, even with such loving caretakers for Shiloh. I hope to break that barrier this winter! Life IS MUCH too short to delay.

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    Filomena Day

    I too have to admit something now that I am a sexagenarian! I have been a living with a wanderlust syndrome since coming to America (5/8/58) fifty eight years ago, and have enjoyed taking some solo travels, but have met family at the destinations. Now that I share my life with a wonderful man (a retired USAF pilot who loves flying to overseas adventures), I have adopted his phenomenal peach colored cockapoo, Ally. Our neighbors and family compete for the chance to take care of her while we are away. But so far, we only last 2 weeks. We are trying to figure out how we can arrange to take her with us, but that might be selfish since she loves being with the neighbors…a creature of comfort. So until then, we look forward to imagine the possibilities.

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