Knitting for Sanity

My friend, MaryEllen, carries a knitting project with her EVERY place she goes. Her needles click through concerts and conversations, TV programs and waiting rooms. She has a yarn collection to rival many retail knitting shops!

My mom did not knit but crocheted and taught my sister and I the basics, which I attempted to pass on to my daughter. I taught myself how to knit when pregnant with my first child and kept both kids in sweaters while they were young.

When he was eight years old, my son was in a very bad accident and spent 3 months in the hospital. Two things kept me going:

  • friends taking me out of the hospital one day a week to learn to golf and
  • teaching myself how to knit complex cable patterns.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was meditating. My brain was so focused on my hands, that it could not dwell on the pain of my child.

Over the years, I’ve picked up the needles for baby gifts and small projects, especially when I need help hanging on to my small degree of sanity during Maine winters. Recently, a sale on beautiful cotton yarn inspired me to create a crochet project. (Crafts people cannot pass up a sale. I have fabric, yarn, coloring books, gel pens, drawing pads and charcoal sticks tucked away for “someday”.)

This morning I came across this article The Health Benefits of Knitting, and wanted to share it. Chronic pain, eating disorders, anxiety, addictions, and aging brains. All find relief in needle work. (Men as well as women.)

If you are a needle crafter, this is very good justification for the hours you spend looping away. If you are not a needle crafter, give it some serious consideration. It’s easy to learn. (There are SO many website and instruction videos online.)

The health benefits are pretty incredible! Knit one. Purl two.

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