Singing Again (With Infographic)

Do you sing? In the car? In the shower? To you kids? To your dog?

Through out my formative years, I LOVED to sing. I would go into our basement and put Mom’s old 78 records on the phonograph and sing and dance like the world was my stage!

I don’t remember a time when someone in our house wasn’t singing. Dad would break into song and serenade each of us, including the dog. Mom hummed as she did her chores. We all sang on road trips. My sister and I sang at family jam sessions where Dad and his brother played guitar. I was belting out Won’t You Come Home Bill Bailey when I was 10 years old.

I sang in the choruses in junior high and high school and have a vivid memory of getting on stage in the 8th grade wearing a black cocktail dress borrowed from my aunt and singing a dusky version of Life Upon the Wicked Stage. 

Typical of most teens, I sang at the top of my lungs when driving the car, especially when we had a convertible!  (a red convertible!)

Singing was life for the Laytons!14-Health-Benefits-of-Singing

Then that life slowly faded away.

I didn’t sing to my kids the way Mom and Dad sang to me. I did join a local choral group for a couple of years in my early 30’s, singing tenor with the men because my voice was low and tenors were always in short supply. But the director was so serious about the mechanics of singing that I was intimidated. When everyone was required to try out in order to continue singing, I dropped out. (I was VERY short on confidence in those days.)

Singing and music left my life. Sometimes I listened to the radio in the car – rarely in the house. I no longer sang privately or in public.

30+ years later, I have lost my voice. Quite literally. I cannot even carry a tune. But music has once again become a core part of my daily  life. I think it links to all of my thinking about the upcoming 50th class reunion. Songs are so connected to my memories.

Though classical music is my nourishment, I search out digital 60’s radio stations and float back in time to driving around with the top down and singing with the Temptations, Supremes and the Fab Four. 

The voice cracks but the heart soars. And Shiloh doesn’t complain.

Do you sing?

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    After my second divorce, 7.5 years ago, after a 25 year marriage, I certainly was feeling like a loser at age 61! I decided to go back to the things I love the most and that was music and Sports. I had some Karaoke background music and decided to go to a nursing home and just start singing my heart out, as a baritone vocalist. I saw a lot of smiling faces and loving hugs and kisses from the ladies and I got hooked. I said this is my calling is to uplift the shut ins with the power of music. Fast forward 7.5 years and I have taken the most wonderful musical journey that has brought great joy to many hundreds of shut ins. This year I have 150 concerts set up and have performed in all the major public venues in Maine and Sang the National Anthem for the Boston Red Sox 2 years ago and performed in New York City, at the famed Metropolitan Center. I would recommend to anyone to pursue music, if they have talent and to share that music like I have and you will have a very rich life. Do not look back to your failure’s, just move forward
    and do something positive for the human race. I have never been happier as a single 68 year old male. I am also an X major league pitcher and love sports, and I play golf , ski and go Kayaking . I live life to the fullest and look at life as one big vacation just waiting for the next day to do the things that bring me great joy. I am almost ready to meet another lady for friendship, which is a good place to be.

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      What an inspiring story, Larry. Thank you for sharing!

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        I was glad to do it. Going back to your passions in your youth is key to getting back on the right track after personal failures.

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    Rita Myrick

    Music is a gigantic part of our life. My husband has “his music” which is generally country. Occasionally a tune that we used to dance to will creep into his list of favorites, I like everything. I can’t carry a tune but if I know the words I sing, usually the music is so loud it drowns me out. (This is a good thing) WE have music everywhere! In the house, in the car, in the garage, my the lake,( especially when we have a camp fire!) Life without music would be very flat!

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      Life without music IS flat!

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    Singing is as natural for me as breathing. However, if I am not in a place where singing is allowed, I hum (even whistling promotes similar health benefits) and no one cares if you can’t carry a tune, if they can’t hear you
    From a lifelong singingnut

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    Singing was and still is a big part of our family gatherings. We always have a few guitars to help us along. One of my favourite solitary things to do is to wear my waterproof iPod with earphones in the pool at my condo. I go on off hours when I can be alone. And I belt out all my favourite tunes while I move and glide through the water in time with the music. It’s a truly magical experience and I feel super-charged afterwards.

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      I love the image of floating in a pool with my favorite music! It is so wonderful to have family music. Thank you for sharing, Pat. 🙂

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