Please, Don’t Hug My Dog.

Please, don’t hug Shiloh!

Shiloh is one of the MOST people friendly dogs that you will ever meet. She much prefers people over 4-legged critters. She is a bit wary of children, especially little children, but if they throw a ball or run in circles, she will join right in.

Shiloh loves to snuggle. She will lay in bed for hours tucked right up against me. If we read on the couch, Shiloh 1
she curls up with her head on my lap. She tries to sit in chairs with her people friends so she can be as close as possible. Her favorite demonstration of affection is to push her nose between your knees for you to scratch her ears or the top of her head. If you’ve eaten something interesting, she will stick her nose right in your mouth to share the joy. And she is pretty generous with her kisses.

But her body stiffens if you throw your arms around her neck and hug her. She will endure for a moment but break loose. I always wondered why.

This AH-HAH article was in my inbox this morning. Please, read it. You may not feel that it applies to your dog, but think about it before you hug any other dog.

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