Do you Doodle? (plus a free ebook)

My mind is in full-on meandering mode this morning. I started a blog post that took off in three different directions, and I can’t seem to reign it in.

So naturally, I go into distraction mode. 

  • Did a load of laundry.
  • Got on the elliptical for a few minutes. 
  • Moved the car to the parking garage. (I have not had one parking ticket in 2016!)
  • Took the dog for a brief walk. (It’s cold and rainy)
  • Pressed and marinated some tofu for a tofu bacon. (The marinade tastes very good; jury is out on the “bacon”)
  • Checked email.

And that’s where this blog post comes from! Email.

I get great joy out of being a student but cannot afford to be enrolled in physical learning institutions for all of the classes that I want to take. (I am the proverbial Jill of all trades, master of none. Or as I prefer to think of myself, a renaissance woman. It sounds classier.) 

  • Photography. 
  • Knitting. 
  • Crocheting. 
  • Cooking. 
  • Marketing. 
  • Writing. 

I’m usually in a hurry to learn something and will not wait to find it in the library or book store or even for Amazon to deliver. So I have collected several blogs/websites that feature classes and tutorials that fit my meandering interests.

CREATIVE is one of my all time favorite sites and my go-to resource for photography. This morning I received the weekly blog post with a video project that is PERFECT for me. PERFECT for today. And I really want to share it with you!

How to (Actually) Doodle.*

My mom was a GREAT doodler! The margins of crossword puzzle books and newspapers, scraps of paper, and message pads were filled with flowers, squiggles, circles, and zig zags.

I did not get into serious doodling until about 18 months ago. Intrigued by the Zen Doodle craze, I bought books and watched You Tube videos on how to draw patterns that make up the Zen Doodles. 

But that is NOT real doodling!

THIS* is the real thing.

Try it! Keep trying it! That’s what I am going to do this afternoon. Then maybe I will be able to sort out that meandering blog post I started.

*This link takes you to the CREATIVE LIVE Doodle blogpost and video. You can also receive a free ebook 28 TO MAKE. Four weeks of simple creative projects that go beyond doodling. I do NOT have any connection to this website or ebook!  It’s just fun!

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