Where does my morning go?

 I am busy, busy all morning but have nothing to show for all of the activity.

I wake without an alarm. (One of the very nicest things about retirement. I do not schedule morning appointments.) My intention is always to exercise first thing.

Reality is that Shiloh needs to go out first. Then she gets fed before I have a cup of coffee.

Back inside while the coffee is brewing, I start emptying the dishwasher. But when I walk into the pantry to put away a roasting pan, I pass a bookshelf with a piece of yesterday’s mail.

Shoot! I meant to answer that. If I don’t take care of this right now, I’ll forget… again.

Over to the desk. Where is a pen?  I hear the ding of a text message coming in. Might be something that needs immediate attention.

Sandy. She read something in the paper and wants my reaction. I don’t get the paper, but I’m sitting at the computer, so I go on line to find the article. 

Up pops an ad for Cirque du Soliel coming to Bangor this summer!  I follow the link. It’s a show I haven’t seen.  I wonder if I can go. Check my calendar. Date is free. Good! How much are the tickets? Which show time would be best? Do I want to make the two hour drive back at night? If there is a Marriott in Bangor, I could use reward points to spend the night. Google Marriott Rewards.

Oh, look. Marriott has a special in Costa Rica! Can I tack a couple days on to the January photo trip? Log into to Road Scholar to check itinerary. Where are we going? Check the map for distance between stops and dates. This could be a wonderful extended vacation!

Phone rings. No name and let it go to message. No message, but it’s the same number that has been calling for two weeks. Who IS this and why don’t they leave a message? 

I do a reverse phone search on Google. It’s some call center on a phishing expedition. How do I block this number? I’m on a Do Not Call List someplace in cyber space but these calls still come it. No. No. No. Another Google search. Several articles to read.

Shiloh keeps nudging my arm. She needs to go out again. Now. Out we go. 

What a beautiful day! The flower pots on the deck are full of dead plants. I know it’s too early for gardening in Maine, (rule of thumb is to wait until after Mother’s Day) but I could clean the pots out and prep the soil. Need a trash bag. 

Back into the kitchen. Oh, my coffee!

Why is the dishwasher standing open? Are those dishes clean or dirty? Did I eat breakfast? 

Phone rings. Sandy! No. I haven’t read the article. I started to look it up. I don’t know what happened.

2 thoughts on “Where does my morning go?

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    Linda Sherwood

    OMG, Tammie, it is good to know I am not the only one whose days seem to go like this! Then, when there are quiet times that I really could just sit and relax, I don’t know what to do with myself and wonder from room to room wondering what I should be doing.

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    My reality is to have a cup of coffee before I do anything!
    BTW I am enjoying your meanderings.

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