I Should Have Asked

I am not one for saying, “I wish I would have…”

The decisions that I made through the years, good and bad, made me the person I am today and, in general, I am pretty satisfied with that person. Oh, there are certainly things that I wonder about!

What if mom had let me accompany my friend’s family on a trip to Europe when I was in junior high school?

I did not get to Europe until I was in my 50s. I didn’t even know that the offer was made until I was in my 20s. How would my life have been different? Would my life have been different?

What if I had majored in something that I was interested in rather than something that I thought would land me a good job?

I really enjoyed marketing, but studied accounting, which I hated and had no aptitude for. I was the first in my family to go to college. I went so that I could have a better job and not have to work in a factory. Mission accomplished. I never worked in the accounting field.

I wonder, but I don’t dwell on what could have been.

Today, I ask myself a lot of questions. I’m a list person. Pros and Cons and frequently a list of even more questions. This process has clarified one regret.

I wish I would have asked more questions.

Asked for help! Asked why! Asked about the bit that was niggling in the back of my mind!

It is not a sign of weakness or ignorance to ASK. If you don’t understand what someone has said, it’s because she has not been explicit enough to help you understand. Do not be intimidated by authority, position, social status, or apparent intelligence. 

Asking questions demonstrates your interest, willingness and need to learn.

I am learning to live in the present. And today I ask a lot of questions.

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