While Waiting for Perfect

I borrowed this line from a blog post by Seth Godin, marketing guru, speaker and author of MANY books. As a matter of fact here is his entire post for that title.

You’ve permitted magical to walk on by. Not to mention good enough, amazing and wonderful.

Waiting for the thing that cannot be improved (and cannot be criticized) keeps us from beginning.

Merely begin.

This REALLY resonates with me! How long have I waited?!

  • to lose those extra pounds before buying a beautiful dress
  • to lose those pounds before I go on that trip
  • to master that recipe before inviting friends to dinner
  • to perfect those Photoshop techniques before showing anyone the new images
  • for the perfect moment to make that phone call to an old friend
  • for the perfect lead to introduce me to a potential client
  • for the perfect occasion to dress to the nines
  • for the perfect weather to walk to the new park
  • for the right time to start my new blog
  • for the best day to talk to my boss or annoying neighbor or difficult child
  • to forgive someone who has hurt me
  • to apologize for something I have done

If I waited for perfection, I would spend my life in a rut waiting for people and events that are out of my control. I would have missed 

  • the cloudy sunrises
  • magical dinners with friends
  • amazing strangers who became friends
  • the exultation of overcoming great risks
  • the possibilities
  • the beginnings

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