I Am Not Giving In To Malaise

I am working to adopt a plant-based diet. No dairy. No meat. No fish. No fat. 

My cholesterol levels are too high, and I want to bring the numbers down without taking medication. So diet and exercise are the order of the day…every day.

Rampaging arthritis turned me into a couch potato over the last 5 years. I gave into the pain and kept cutting back on biking and walking until my fitness tracker showed an average of 2600 steps a day for 2015!

Being a slug let the heart get lazy and my eating habits deteriorated. It was easy to fry up a pork chop and call it dinner or go to my favorite restaurant and order a ribeye burger or pork wings. I liked veggies but didn’t make much effort to eat enough of them.

My wonderful doctor (I would adopt him if he was an orphan.) did five things last week:

  • listened to my complaints of aches and fatigue 
  • changed my blood pressure medication
  • ordered a blood test and EKG
  • instructed me to watch the documentary Forks Over Knives and read Prevent and Reverse Heart Disease by Caldwell B Esselstyn, Jr. M.D.
  • gave me hope

Hence, my move into a plant-based diet. I’m not going to give you all of the statistics and research that convinced me to make the change. If you are interested, the book is available through Amazon and the movie is on Netflix. (Dr. Esselstyn’s son has another movie Forks Over Knives: Engine 2 Kitchen Rescue.)

There is a deeper motivation than knowing I have high cholesterol. I do not hail from long-lived ancestors. 75 years is about the longest anyone on both sides of my family has lived. Heart disease and stroke rear their ugly heads and carry folks away.

I will be 68 this summer. And I know just how quickly time flies.

When I was in my 20’s, I said I would live to be 100! I had too many things to do and wanted all of the time possible. In my 60’s, life changed and altered that goal. For a while, I thought 75 was long enough. It’s NOT.

My Bucket List is too long.  After 3 knee operations and orthotics, I am remembering how much fun it is to move! I doubt that I will run anymore marathons or bike across country again, but this summer

  • I AM going to jump out of a plane;
  • I AM going to zip line in the mountains;
  • I AM going to dance at my 50th high school class reunion and my daughter’s wedding; and
  • I AM going to have a healthier cholesterol level and life style.

I am NOT giving into malaise.

So it will be grilled portobello mushroom caps rather than ribeye burgers.

4 thoughts on “I Am Not Giving In To Malaise

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    Your post resonated with me and I wish you all the best with the new diet. I try and follow Winston Churchill’s motto of Never Ever Give Up and when I’ve had a bad week ( arthritis in knees also makes we want to just sit about) I put the exercise clothes out at the end of the bed and that makes it easier in the morning to at least do a 30 min walk.
    Having an understanding and encouraging GP is so helpful.
    I’m 63 this April and I’ve found being a volunteer at the local hospital very satisfying and I tell some of my friends that I think everyone needs a day at St. Vincent’s from time to time…it sure makes you appreciate your life! Now I’m going to find the movie.

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    I will be interested in how this change affects your cholesterol. My numbers are high, I am at risk and I am statin intolerant. We have just gotten back from Florida. Maybe we can meet one of these days for a talk and a plant based snack? (Are there such things?)

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      I’d love to see you, Kathleen. Give me a month to see how effective this change is. 🙂

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    Tamie you re an inspiration! Follow your heart and don’t let ailments define you! Someone in your family needs to break the chain… it might just as well be you!!

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