I’m Good at…Bad at…

I spend a fair bit of time these days in self-reflection. Retirement can free one from a scheduled day, and it allows me more flexibility for meandering thoughts during my morning coffee. 

Recently I’ve wondered about the strengths and habits that I have developed during my six plus decades. What am I good at?  What am I bad?  The lists got very long. So I tried to groups things.Fotolia_55368346_Subscription_Monthly_M-300x234

I am good at…learning.

I always say that I am a professional student. I was 40 when I went to graduate school – not the oldest in my class, but I certainly brought the median age up. It was invigorating to be with so many curious people.

I love adult/continuing education classes. Indian cooking. Painting. Drawing. Gardening. Photography. Photoshop.Yoga. Meditation. It isn’t that I cannot stick to anything, but I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I may never be a master of any of these things, but I certainly enjoy learning and practicing my new skills.

I am good at…bringing people together.

When I opened the art gallery, it was to provide a home for skilled artists. The gallery quickly became a meeting place for artists and people with an interest in collecting or learning about art. 

  • Pecha Kucha Nights were a rip-roaring success. 10 speakers each with 20 slides that they could discuss for 20 seconds. 6 minutes 40 seconds to tell a story. It was a fast paced evening of learning.
  • Gallery talks with an artist. Book talks with an author. 
  • Art Walks.

Friday evenings were my version of the 21st century salon. Many people from the community came to an appreciation for art that they did not know they had.

I’m good at planning vacations that I rarely take.

So many places to go that I can’t make up my mind. I research hotels and B&B sites. Plane fares. Weather. Special events. Historic sites. I will spend days putting together an itinerary for a trip that never happens. 

I’m good at shopping online.

My wardrobe. Books. Movies. Classes. Household goods. Amazon Prime and I have a long and intimate relationship.

I am bad at…

  • Exercise? It’s raining, too hot, too early, too late… 
  • Clean the house? Maybe Thursday. 
  • Laundry? My closet is full of clean clothes. 
  • Phone calls for this committee? Tomorrow afternoon is the best time.
  • Writing next week’s blog post? I don’t need it until next week.
  • Packing for my trip? Plenty of time before I have to leave for the airport.
  • Grocery shopping? There’s still a spaghetti squash! (And when desperate, I live above a restaurant!)
  • Gas in the car? Oh, I can make it to …

I could turn this around and say that I’m good at procrastination.

For me, tomorrow is better. And when tomorrow comes, there’s always another tomorrow. Because today I’m very busy learning and writing or drawing and cooking or thinking and…

What are you good at?  or bad at?

4 thoughts on “I’m Good at…Bad at…

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    wow, awesome article post. Tuazon

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    A round of applause for your forum post.Much thanks again. Fantastic. Odenwald

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      Thank you!

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    Jan Barrett

    Tammie, your meandering mind is an inspiration to my hungry mind.

    I am also good at procrastination…and making lists….and bargain shopping….and traveling…cramming my day too full…
    I am also bad at cleaning house…and exercising…and phone calls…and packing for my trip…and keeping up with my crammed full day…

    But that’s what makes us US….and we’re beautiful!!

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