I have 27 boards on Pinterest. Eleven boards are food related! Pinterest has become my go-to cook book, saving hundreds of dollars by pinning rather than buying. (Sorry publishing industry. I’m even more addicted to my Kindle.)

Pinterest was launched in March of 2010, and I have been a pinner since early 2011. Actually, I was a lurker for awhile. It is so easy to get lost in the millions of ideas that folks post. (I am assuming that you have some familiarity with this website. If you don’t, go immediately to You can come back to this blog post later to thank me.)

My first Pinterest board was Favorite Places and Spaces. And this bedroom was my first pin

I’ve not been able to find the actual location of this dream room, but that has not prevented me from falling asleep many a night with that vision in my head. (As a scuba diver,I know that the waters are quite dark at night, but I have a good flood light above my imaginary window so that I can enjoy the underwater night life!)ce5bb4d34f4784722366b392aa1a4dc9

My second board was Words Worth Reading, an apt title for a couple hundred inspiration posters. This board is a good resource when I’m looking for a writing prompt or just need a pick-me-up.

The most useful board (aside from all of the recipes) is private. (Pinterest does not force you to share your fantasies with the pinning community.) Condo is where I pinned SO MANY ideas for my new home when it was being built. Some pretty far fetched, like the glass balcony pool. But several others became reality, like the chandelier lamp. Pinterest was the most efficient way for me to gather building and decorating ideas. My contractor really appreciated having good references for exactly what I wanted.

Pinterest is rumored to be working on a Buy button so that we can even shop from the boards! (Houzz did that, and I have used it to find lighting fixtures.)d4bc00e5433bd74a3323399a92a6088a

I thought about starting a Meandering Mind Pinterest board or account but realized that ALL of Pinterest is meandering. I can find ideas from crock pot chili to knitting patterns to road trips to iPhone photo tips to chaos theory and so much more.

What are you pinning?



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2 thoughts on “Pinterest

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    Jan Barrett

    Like Patty said, “Here’s me.” 46 boards, 5.1K pins, and I pin nightly when I settle down to relax. It’s random…it’s specific…it’s entertainment…it’s all about me, inside and out.

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    I,m a huge fan of Pinterest! I’ve been a member since you had to have an invitation to join and haven’t stopped yet. I was really glad when they raised the pin limit to 200,000.
    Here’s me. I have varied interests and a love of beautiful things photographed beautifully. 🙂

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