Butterfly Effect

I am in the business of:

  • making myself happyFlight-of-the-Butterflies-
  • exploring life
  • exploring myself
  • exploring my potential
  • finding my purpose
  • creating my happiness
  • examining an examined life
  • probing my inner thoughts
  • being honest with myself
  • being honest with my readers
  • making myself uncomfortable
  • probing my discomfort

I started this list this morning after finding a notice on the Meandering Mind Facebook Page announcing that Facebook now has a system for creating a video to help your business.

Thank You For Growing With Us

There are now 3 million advertisers on Facebook, and we’re grateful to you for being part of our community. To celebrate, we made a way for you to create and share a short video that tells the story of your Page.

Create Video

I watched some of these 15 second videos with the theme: We’re in the business of…

  • a funky sock company in the business of making the world more colorful
  • a crossfit company in the business of building determination

They are visual versions of the elevator speeches that small businesses were working on  five years ago.

What would you say in 30 seconds so that a stranger would understand your business before she got off the elevator?

It was a great exercise to help a small business focus it’s mission, marketing, and all sorts of policies. And I was always amazed by how few small business people could accomplish this. They took too long and too many words. They did not have a succinct message. Many of those do not have a business today. But that’s another story.

This morning I decided to run Meandering Mind through this quick exercise before moving on to the rest of the morning program.


Above is the initial list and I think I could have kept it going. Fortunately, I realized Meandering Mind is a very personal blog that is self describingMEANDERING! My mind is not a steel trap repository of incredible details, fascinating stories, or “how to” information. I am not selling a specific product or traditional service. I am merely sharing my thoughts.

My mind is a rabbit warren of shifting sands. If I don’t grab an idea when it comes to me, it is lost forever (at least in that initial form).

Following my thought process is probably like trying to follow a single butterfly in a kaleidoscope of butterflies flitting in a figure eight pattern through the air from lavender to pansy to hollyhock.

For many years, I thought I was a shallow thinker because I seemed to flit from one idea/thought to another. I made connections that seemed very logical to me but like fairy tales to others. I was convinced that I was not capable of real thinking because real thinking was linear.

Today, I believe that my mind is engaged in chaos theory and my blog is engaged in the butterfly effect.

Simplistically, chaos theory is based on extreme sensitivity to initial conditions; cause and effect that are NOT proportional; and it is nonlinear.

  1. My thought process is extremely sensitive to the conditions of the moment. As those conditions change, my thoughts will change. New input leads to new output. (I used to consider this as garbage in garbage out; something brought over from my early lessons in computer programming.)
  2. Cause and effect are REALLY unpredictable. I thank my emotions for this. Some days/moments emotions are more sensitive than others, causing me to react/respond very differently to what may appear to be the same idea that I had last week.
  3. My thinking is FAR from linear.

The butterfly effect says that small changes can have enormous effects at some indeterminate point in the future. Initially, this was developed in relation to the weather. You’ve heard it. The flap of a butterfly wing in South America can impact a hurricane in North America many weeks later.

Meandering Mind is the flap of the butterfly wing. My random, emotional, nonlinear thoughts will change something in the future for someone. It is a long term investment for me and my readers. Hopefully, a sound investment for both us.

I am in the business of releasing butterflies.

What are YOU in the business of?

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    At the moment I am in the business of being part of many villages! You know the saying it takes a village to……. ..I am not Me, at this point in time. I am am part of many villages, and very happy to be there!

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