ADCD Attention Deficit Cleaning Disorder



This popped up on FaceBook and seemed the perfect follow-up to my Clutter post. It might also help you understand how my Meandering Mind works (or doesn’t work, depending on your perspective). Being easily distracted can be a hinderance to completing some tasks, but it is also a source of serendipitous inspiration.

For instance, when sorting through one of the many stacks of magazines and papers at one of my landing spots, I found two articles that I had torn out of International Living Magazine. It took 45 minutes to determine if I was ready to throw one of them away. During that time, I reread the articles, Googled info from it, checked flights to Costa Rica, looked up a friend’s address in CR, and eventually decided not to discard the article. The stack of magazines is still there. But I have a tidbit for a blog post!

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