Dreams of Flying

Do you ever dream about flying? A few years ago, I had the MOST vivid dreams in which I was flying! When I woke, I was SO SURE that they were real. I can
still remember some of them.

2b9be539-4769-417d-bbec-2c1627834f8cI did not soar high above with a bird’s-eye view of the world. I was usually a few feet up. Sometimes as much as 20-30 feet. It seemed to be my standard mode of transportation. In most dreams, I was in a new town or city. I remember going for a morning run in the mountains of some dreamland. I also remember shopping in a strange city. Generally, I was exploring my surroundings without having to contend with traffic.

I would begin my journey by walking or jogging like mere mortals but quickly my feet would be moving on air as I lifted higher and moved so easily along my path. I do not remember ever taking a short cut across a field or over buildings. My flight path was along the traditional roadways or sidewalks. But it was ever so easy. I did not stop the movement of running/walking. My legs continued to stride out and my arms pumped in rhythm. After all, I am not Super Woman. I remember several times being delighted that I was flying, because now I wouldn’t be late. Late for what? I do not know.

These dreams continued for several months on a very regular basis. Sometimes a certain dream would repeat. (Shopping in a new city was one.) Then they stopped. I wasn’t aware of them stopping until I saw this wonderful illustration. Why wasn’t I flying any more? Did I forget how to fly? Or did I no longer need to fly? I certainly would like to fly!

These days walking is a focused activity. I think about each step and concentrate on not testing the effectiveness of gravity. Please, understand that I have taken some pretty dramatic falls. Slipped on ice and dislocated a shoulder. Tripped over a bolt in a sidewalk and now sport a 2 inch scar on my chin. Then there’s the knees. I had them both replaced last year. Prior tot he surgery, walking was incredibly  painful. It was almost a year after the surgery before the knees felt “normal”. Now I have arthritis pain in the ankles.

But most of those problems developed after the flying dreams.

There are many theories about why we dream:

  • Our brain is sorting problems and activities of the day.
  • The brain is deciding which activities of our day will become memories.
  • Dreams reflect our emotions and stress.

The one thing we know is that everyone dreams. We forget many, if not most, of our dreams, but some dreams really stick with us. Like my flying dreams.

So why did they start? Why did they end?

I did not give it much thought at the time, because I was very busy with a new life. I was newly separated. Living alone for the first time in almost 40 years. I had moved from suburbia to an urban setting. I was adapting to and enjoying new friends and learning to rely on myself.

I was flying. Not high but high enough.

I can only speculate that the new freedom has become my daily reality. Feet on the ground. I am traveling my path and feeling pretty secure in the journey.

6 thoughts on “Dreams of Flying

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    Lanette Ward

    For most of my life, I have had flying dreams off and on. Some were me or someone else piloting a plane. Some were “body surfing.” One especially colorful flying dream had me floating over a Garden-of-Eden kind of setting full of animals. A recurring dream is about levitating. In the dream I try to show people how I do it, but I can never do it when other people are around. In other dreams I can glide along just a few inches above the ground: walking becomes effortless; gliding down stairs is really fun in the dreams.

    These dreams are probably what led me to take hang-gliding lessons. At 2000-feet above the earth, they were higher than I wanted to be. I never soloed. Someone told me that the goal of our flying dreams and real-life wishes is to fly low and slow.

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      Oh, Lanette, taking hang-gliding lessons is awesome! Flying low and slow is exactly what my dreams were about. I think that is what I am doing in my life right now.

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    Hi .. Read your piece Dreams on Flying last night. Richard has remarked about dreams he had about walking above the fields… I gave your piece to him and he said it was like dreams he had once. He’d really like to talk to you sometime about these dreams.

    When, as an adult, he first learned to swim (long story there) he said the buoyancy of the water reminded him of his “flying” feeling.

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      Oh, I can related to the water/air feeling. I’ve experienced some of the same sensations when diving that I remember from “flying”.

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    Oh, the reality of those dreams was uncanny! I, too, miss them, but wonder if they leave because we have achieved something. I prefer to think that rather than think I no longer want something. I know that I still dream, and the dreams are so important.

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    Mary LaFontaine

    Flying High….For several years, I had very vivid dreams of flying. They were so real, I really believed I could fly; it was so effortless, I glided and soared. If I still have those dreams, I don’t remember them: I miss them!

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